Here at Adelaide SA-fe MOVERS, we are not just all about business. We care about people whether they avail our services or other companies’ services or DIY moves. Having said that, here are top tips that would make your DIY move the smoothest and most efficiently.
For the most part, the reason for DIY moves are to save the cost. However, such decisions means you will be exposed to manual handling and will spend longer time. But that doesn’t mean that you can not do it by yourself effectively. With some proper planning and techniques, you will be able to move smoothly with minimal problems.

1. Get More Hands
They lied when they said DIY means DO-IT-YOURSELF. what it actually means is, Do-It with-Your friends or family or even professional help. You maybe good at multi-tasking but, if your properties are on the line, you would want to be the supervisor. Be the general! Be the lookout! It is important, to have someone overlooking the the movement specially on tight spaces. Or else you could end up with broken furniture, or God-forbid, a broken back! Not all friends or even family is trust worthy. So make sure that when you call in someone for help, they should be a very trustworthy person. Remember, your asking someone to touch some of your most valuable gaming chair! wink wink! Oh and last but not the least, you should call someone with big muscle! Oh those biceps!

2. Be Sure – Check you Posture
If you haven’t been on the gym, gym instructors are all over like a police. They are not there to hit on hot chicks only. They are there to help you out with the weights and most importantly, to correct your lifting posture.
When lifting heavy furniture, make sure to always use the correct lifting posture. Look straight ahead, and keep your back straight, your chest out, and your shoulders back. This helps keep your upper back straight while having a slight arch in your lower back. Most importantly, bend your knees! Your knees is the key! Put all the weight to your knees and legs not your back. Avoid twisting while lifting up.

3. Deals of the Wheels
Fortunately, your SUV can fit a lot of your stuff. Unfortunately, your bed, your sofa, piano won’t fit in it. So, its only sensible to rent a truck or trailer to make things simple. Good news! Its cheap to rent them! They range from $35 to $70, and it will depend on the length of time of usage. When renting a trailer, make sure to check the load limit capacity and guidelines of your car if capable. If your car is not capable, I’m pretty sure you have friends that has tow bars. Before finalizing your rent, make sure your belongings will fit. Double check the dimensions of your furniture, and select the proper sized trailer or truck. If you are in doubt, always make sure you go for the bigger size. Never choose the smaller. Don’t be dumb! Make sure you reserve the rental truck or trailer way ahead of time. Plan the day and time to avoid overcharges that you could have avoided.

4. Timing is Everything
It always pays to start early. During summer moves, it is very advantageous to hit the road early. Aside from beating the heat, you will avoid the rush hour. Hmm… two birds one stone… Speaking of heat, you don’t want to expose your valuable furniture under the scorching sun, do you? As a reward for waking up early, you will have plenty time unpacking to your new humble abode.
Consider Moving during weekends. Most moving companies are operating during weekdays. So since your DIY, you have the freedom to choose weekends. Plus, I’m pretty sure your friends are free too! Just bribe them with pizza and beer! Oh yeah, go for Saturday. So you have all Sunday unpacking!

5. Cut the Fat
Do you want to move easier? Then move lighter! De-clutter as much junk as possible when packing up! Oh I know your closet hides a lot of secrets! But it is not the only thing that is inside of it! You are right! Junk! Years of unused clothes and shoes. It’s time to let go.. If you think it still holds value, sell it! But if your generous, charitable institutions are with arms wide open.

6. Proper supplies and boxes
Common! You’ve saved a lot on not hiring a specialist mover. At least spend some on your boxes. You don’t want your valuable decors rolling our of that box, or jars falling from the bottom of that old smelly box from Costco. No matter how far or near your move is, protect your belongings. Be like Amazon! Make sure your valuables will make it safe and unbroken to your new house. Aside from boxes, protect your breakables with bubble wraps, newspapers or foam. Do not forget to seal your boxes with heavy duty packing tapes. Ropes are also a must! If you have spare change, go get a sling/ratchet strap. Useful equipment also include furniture pads, dollies, carts.

7. Separate essentials
Pack your essentials on a separate box. At least a day or two of your essentials. Thank me later, but I’m telling you do not want to spend you first night looking over the endless lined up boxes for your undies, or toiletries or medicine. Another hack if you don’t want to listen to me is to make it a little challenging for you. Label every box with what every you put in it!

8. Rolling Pods
Oh my god! Why am I promoting this! But as a good citizen, I must! Consider hiring a moving container/pods. Just stock up whatever you want, all that can fit and once your packed, the moving container company will pick it up and ship it to your destination. Voila! like magic!

9. Rain Check
Include Weather on your plan. It is always good to move in good weather. Check the forecast for precipitation probability. You don’t want your things to get soaked with heavy rain. Check the temperature on summer days. Its not very motivational for your friends to come over and help if they’re gonna be sweating.

10. Personal Care and Good luck
Regardless of the situation, always prepare for anything that might go wrong. From Flat tire to sore muscle. Expecting the unexpected. Hydrate yourself at all times. Bring a bottle of water for each gang member. Sunscreen on hot weather, and proper winter clothes on cold days. Gloves, steel-toe shoes, headgears, torch, and face mask for dust. Don’t forget to pack a lot of good luck!

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