Have you ever moved across to a different state? Well, moving inside the same state is already a big undertaking. Moving across state is no joke. Giving you idea on how much an interstate move cost might help in making your decision on DIY move over hiring a pro mover.

So how much would it really cost you to move across state? Well it depends.. There are several factors that dictates the cost of your move.

Lets start of with the factor that would start determining the cost, it is the type of SERVICE. What service or help are you actually looking for? Obviously, the more things you will do by your own, the less money you have to shell out. But that would also mean the more time, effort, stress, and problem solving you will have to face. Believe me, you don’t want to deal with just to save money. You will get burnt out. What are those services? PACKING – This i would say you can do your own specially with those delicate and personal items like jewellery, and your wardrobe. But if hiring some packers to do it for you is an option it would take you around $100 to $300 if not in package. Make sure that your clear that packaging materials are inclusive. FURNITURE disassembling and assembling services. If you are DIYer and strong enough to carry heavy items and pack them, you will save a ton from skipping this service. However, if you are a single mom, or don’t even know what’s the difference between a nut and bolt is, then you should definitely take this service. It will not only save you the time and headache, but it might also save you the injury. Expect a $100 to $150 damage to your pocket. Lastly, you may not think that this may even be an option, but you may somehow need a STORAGE locker. For some rare occasions you might need to store away your items for a while until you get settled in to your new home. For example when moving high priced items like luxury bags, or antique furnitures or expensive paintings. You don’t want them to get damaged and get in the way while your moving furnitures around your house. you want them to be brought to your new home last when all the chaos of moving in is gone. Of course you wouldn’t want your precious belongings be damaged with humidity, or temperature, mildew or mold. you have to rent a climate control storage. This will set you back another $100 to $150 per month. If you can afford a Picasso, I doubt you wouldn’t spend that much for a storage.

One of the biggest factor is the SIZE. The bigger your house the more it will cost to move. What do i mean? The bigger your house means the more things you are going to move. More furniture, more electronics, more kitchenware, more clothes etc, make sense? There is a good way around this though. During your move, you can select items that really matters and and you need. You will eventually dive deep through your wardrobe and realise you have a lot of clothes that you have not worn in the last 5 years! Or you will discover a pan, or pot in your kitchen that you haven’t cooked on in months, or items that you have duplicates. It is now the time to either donate them or sell them. You will be surprised how other people still would value your items. Facebook Marketplace is a good place to start when selling items. By doing this, you will lighten up your load, thus keeping your cost of move lower

The biggest factor i guess is the DISTANCE of travel. Since we are talking about interstate move, lets see the average distance each state by the city and ADELAIDE being the origin.

  • SYDNEY – 1,371 km

Studio: $1,000
1-BR apt: $1,500
2-BR apt: $2,000
3-BR apt: $2,500
2-BR house: $2,500
3-BR house: $3,000
4-BR house: $4,000

  • BRISBANE – 1,601 km

Studio: $1,500
1-BR apt: $2,000
2-BR apt: $2,500
3-BR apt: $3,500
2-BR house: $3,000
3-BR house: $4,000
4-BR house: $5,000

  • MELBOURNE – 653 km

Studio: $1000
1-BR apt: $1,500
2-BR apt: $2,000
3-BR apt: $2,500
2-BR house: $2,000
3-BR house: $3,000
4-RB house: $3,500

  • PERTH – 2,131 km

Studio: $1,500
1-BR apt: $2,000
2-BR apt: $3,000
3-BR apt: $4,000
2-BR house: $3,500
3-BR house: $4,500
4-BR house: $5,500

NOTE: All Price list above are just guide only. They change from time to time. This prices are only based on estimates. These always vary as to how each service provider price themselves, or sometimes be affected by the pandemic, as how difficult it is to get an interstate permit.

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